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Lineares Mystery Shawl

Lineares Shawl MysteryStarting on October 8th, we will be knitting a comfy shawl together in my ravelry group Janukke Strickdesign.  It is going to be a mystery-KAL. I am telling you about it now so that you have a few days to organise and get your yarns and needles ready. If you need a little longer than that, it´s not a problem at all. The first clue isn´t elaborate, it will be easy to catch up if you join in a few days late.

The shawl will surprise you with its multi-directional knitting, resulting in a bold-looking construction, along with its interesting fibre study. You‘ll be working with yarns of two different weights. Or, if using the original ITO yarns, namely Wagami, Sensai and Tetsu, you will often work with yarns of two different qualities held together – a truly unique fabric is the result!

For those of you who hear the word “mystery” in the context of knitting for the first time: This means that you won´t know what the finished item will look like when you start knitting and will get the instructions bit by bit in a couple of clues.

To find out more, to join in and to get to know your fellow mystery knitters, pop over to ravelry!

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Now you can already put to use the information of the last post: My new shawl pattern, Verum, invites you to pick three colours that then get distributed over a pattern of stripes and short row segments. Verum makes this easy for you, so long as the three colours go well together, nothing can go wrong in this shawl. It doesn´t matter where you place the accent colour or which palette you go for.

The pattern asks for fingering weight yarn, preferably Frida Fuchs REMMIDEMMI Sock. In my sample I combined Vanilleschote (black), Kieselerde (grey) and Olive (green). Jana from Frida Fuchs put together that combination and I fell in love with it the minute I opened the package that came with the mail. She has a sixth sense for colour, which shows clearly in the palette of her yarns. – By the way, her shop is freshly stocked up, as of 6 pm yesterday, CET.




But back to this colour combination: I like to have two colours that are similar, or fall into one category, and one colour that is the odd one out. So grey and black are the pair in this example, and the green (Olive) is the colour that is creating a vibrant and cheerful accent. As I mentioned, in this shawl any of the three colours could be the accent colour, the pattern is well-balanced enough.

The projects of noone else but Jana from Frida Fuchs herself and my talented test knitters will provide some inspiration for you to get your creative juices flowing:



Jana made a sample in Hanami (speckled creme), Rosmarinheide (rose) and Kieselerde (grey). So the same concept as before works for a muted palette as well. In these colours the unisex shawl is soft and very femine.



Heike chose soft colours also but added in a darker shade for extra depth.



Elisa and Susi went with shades of blue, which is always a safe pick.



Tracy had the same thought but added in a mustard shade for accent. And look at that tassle, isn´t it fantastic?



And Tanya combined a moss green with a warm pink-red and a creme shade to great effect.



This shot was clearly photo-bombed. But we don´t get distracted from Ramona´s perfect choice in colours: Mustard, fir green and steel blue are an unexpectedly great match with a back-to-nature feel to it. Maybe that´s because Ramona hand-dyed the colours herself, using plant pigments.

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Jetzt habe ich meinen Blog ziemlich vernachlässigt, tut mir sehr leid! Das bedeutet aber nicht, dass nichts zu sagen wäre, ich habe eine Menge in Arbeit. Also bleibt gespannt!

I have really been neglecting my blog, I apologize. It doesn´t mean that nothing is going on, there´s a lot to talk about. I have many things in the pipeline, so stay tuned!



Dies Jahr findet das jährliche Treffen der Raveler bei uns im Norden, genauer gesagt in Hamburg, statt. Ich biete einen Workshop über M. C. Escher und seine Ideen zur regelmäßigen Flächenaufteilung sowie die Möglichkeit, sie in Gestricktes zu übersetzen, an. Der Schwerpunkt vom praktischen Teil wird das Schneiden durch gestricktes Patchwork sein. Um´s Schneiden kommt man nämlich nicht herum, wenn man nach Escher Patchworkdecken arbeiten möchte. Es gibt keine andere Möglichkeit, die Kanten zu begradigen.

Meine Strickgruppe trifft sich am Samstag um halb fünf am Eingang vom Foyer des Audimax. Jeder der mag ist herzlich eingeladen sich uns anzuschließen! Ich freue mich schon extremst darauf, Euch alle zu treffen.


This year the annual Raveler meeting is taking place in Northern Germany, in Hambourg to be precise. And I am excited to say that I´ll give a workshop there about M. C. Escher, his work with the regular division of the plane, and how it can be translated into knitting. The main focus will be cutting through knitted patchwork, as that is what you have to do to make a blanket from the animals that you´ve sewn together. There´s no other way to get straight edges.

My knitting group is meeting at the entrance of the Audimax foyer on Saturday at 4.30 pm. If you are visiting, you are very welcome to join us! I always enjoy meeting knitters in person.

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