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I´m back

workshop_farben293I am back to blogging after a long hiatus. I had stopped writing here because I was focusing on other aspects of being a knitwear designer. There´s a lot to do and only so much time. But right now the writing mojo is back.

I have been teaching two colour workshops early this month. In both of them we have been thinking about colour theory, about things to consider when choosing colours for our knitting projects and about flattering ways to distribute colours in garments, among other things. The actual knitting part has been themed around stranded knitting for one, and around intarsia for the other workshop.

I immensely enjoy teaching, it is very rewarding to pass on a bit of the knitting knowledge I´ve accumulated throughout the years.

But it is a wee bit frustrating to me that I cannot talk about everything that I want to say in the workshops. There are many more interesting aspects in the wide field of colours than can be squeezed into a two to four hours time-frame, where the focus naturally will be on the knitting technique.

And oh did I try. For the first ever colour workshop I taught I had planned to talk about all techniques that use colours in one way or another. Because there was no way that we could make a swatch in each technique, I prepped swatches so that knitters could knit a row on each of them and swap them around, I guess I was thinking of the circuit training in sport. Needless to say this is a suboptimal way to teach. I learn from my mistakes and we now have lots of time to focus in-depth on the one technique I am teaching. I still wonder how it happened that knitters walked away happy from that first ever colour workshop.

But even after slowing down and all these workshops I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO SAY STILL. So here I am. However, I have decided to write in English only from now on. It just takes up too much time to write every single post in two languages. I apologise to my German readers.

Not all posts here will be strictly knitting-related. But having thought a bit deeper about colours may help when it comes to choosing colours for your next project, so knitting will always be on the back of my mind when I am writing. Stay tuned for my colour chatter!

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Merry, merry

Jetzt habe ich den Blog ein wenig vernachlässigt. Vielleicht habt Ihr schon entdeckt warum: In meiner Ravelry-Gruppe haben wir zusammen einen Adventskalender organisiert. Von überall auf der Welt haben StrickerInnen Geschichten, selbstgeschriebene Gedichte, Bastelanleitungen, eigene Strickmuster und der kreativen Dinge viel mehr eingereicht. Jede StrickerIn hat so ein Türchen erstellt. Zu gewinnen gab es Wollpreise, Anleitungen, Köstliches, Maschenmarkierer … und und und. Es hat mir riesig Spaß gemacht und ich plane für nächstes Jahr auf jeden Fall wieder einen solchen Kalender. Falls Ihr es verpasst habt, ist es aber nicht ganz so traurig, Ihr könnt alles während der freien Tage gemütlich nachlesen. Ein Klick aufs Bild führt Euch hin.

Now I´ve been neglecting my blog quite a bit. Maybe you´ve already spotted why: We´ve organised an Advent calendar in my Ravelry group. From all over the world knitters sent in stories, self-written poems, origami and other handicraft instructions, their own knitting patterns and more of all kind of creative things. This way every knitter created their own window. You could win yarn, knitting patterns, delicious stuff, stitch markers … and and and. It was great fun and I am planning another calendar for next year. If you´ve missed it, it´s not all that bad. You can use the free days to read it all up curling up on your sofa enjoying a cup of your favourite tea. A click on the image will get you to the calendar. 

Bleibt mir also Euch besinnliche und fröhliche Weihnachten im Kreise Eurer Lieben zu wünschen. Tankt die Seele zwischen den Jahren kräftig auf und kommt gut ins Neue Jahr! Wir sehen uns dann.

Have very merry and happy Christmas among your loved ones to all of you! Refuel your spirits and heal your soul in between the years! We´ll see us next year.

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