stealing from the summer

flower_collage1Here in Germany the temperatures are sky-high, the sun is shining like there´s no tomorrow and everyone´s in a good and relaxed mood. I really want to savour this wonderful summer spirit for as long as I can. So I knit up one of its symbols: A flower. Actually I knit a few of the Red Julaines, as I named them for a girl I once knew. They now embellish my home and accessories. It´s really beautiful to look at and also a bit weird that a nice view, this tiny peek of creativity, brightens my days  that much. And I can always attach one of the flowers to a skein of yarn and have an instant gift for a fellow knitter.

flower_on_woolBy the way, the yarn in the baskets is the amazingly lovely organic merino yarn from Rosy Green Wool. Finally a chance to knit merino with a clear conscience! Everything´s fair and green and good. I cannot wait to share with you what I´m working on with those fibres. It´s a larger project, so it should become winter, winter!, until I can tell you more. — I met Rosy this spring in Cologne, and am really enjoying our small collaboration.

The flowers are knit with mohair leftovers in linen stitch at a tight gauge which gives them an almost felted look. You´ll find all the details as well as the pattern on Ravelry, as always (and you don´t need to be a member for either – the info or the purchase).



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3 thoughts on “stealing from the summer

  1. Antje says:

    Liebe Jana,

    ich bin schon sehr gespannt, was du aus der schönen Wolle von Rosy Green Wool entworfen hast! Wird das eine richtige Zusammenarbeit mit den beiden?

    Ein Anliegen habe ich noch: Bloggst du bitte weiterhin auch auf deutsch. Ich habe ganz viele Freundinnen, die gern bei dir lesen. Aber englisch können sie leider nicht und sind dann ein bisschen enttäuscht.


  2. Jenna says:

    Jana, your knit flowers are among my favorite things you make. They are so delicate and capture the essence of live blooms so beautifully, yet they last year-round, their beauty never fading. Beautifully done!

  3. […] Wolle, mit der ich arbeite, habe ich schon einmal erwähnt: Rosy Green Wool. Man kann gar nicht genug Gutes über sie sagen. Ich mag mein Gestrick gar nicht […]

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